The Salt Doll

Written for my diary…

A very special poem,…for all.

It,s a moment of sharing…

A sketch…a fine line-drawing…

Played out on stage…

All are invited to come and listen to his soul’s whisper…

The Salt Doll, our protagonist.

Salt Doll embark on a journey accompanied by musical notes…

You may come along, too, on his voyage.

Walk with him right into his contemplations….

It just might aid you in your own voyage of self – discovery…

It might aid you to begin your own journey.

Ask yourself, “Who am I ?” One ponders the question….he journey begins.


“Who am I ?”…

I had hoped to draw up some form of an answer in producing this

work only to realize that I have stumbled upon a metaphore… That of

one’s dream…one’s faith( religious beliefs ),…or perhaps even that of one’s concept of the true sense of the word “love”… I

I have invoked a story from “within”. The story of “ I “ in a form of a story that tells of Salt Doll’s journey to find, …The Ocean.

The show presents itself as a poetry,…and yet, it peeks into a confession on a page of diary.


This work has won claims for it’s beauty and vitality by (FRANCE WORLD FESTIVAL of PUPPET THEATRE) and was appraised for it’s excellent music arrangement and the poetry of it’s dialogues.

-­‐The show unfolds itself as would an enchanting poem.

— The show’s musicsl score flows like dialogues and it’s dialogues plays out likemusical notes to our ears.

-­‐The stage is lit ethereal blue symbolizing the life force of space.

-­‐The puppeteers’skillful manipulation of their puppets seem to make them

breath as single entities.

-­‐The show is an extraordinary “symphony”of expressive puppets with their

graceful actor/puppeteers on a stage of fanciful sceneries,…all accompanied by superb musical arrangement that “Breaths”.


What exactly is the ocean to our protagonist,Salt Doll?

And, what does it mean to me??

A famous Indian guru has told a story of a Salt Doll to teach life’s

lessons to his apprentices.

It’s also been the inspiration for this rewriting of the fable.

The story narrates thought provoking encounters that the Salt Doll

makes in his Journey to find the ocean,…during which, the audience is

reminded of their own “search”.

The Salt Doll is visited by an enchanting star light.

Immersed in his dance, he suddenly asks himself, “Who am I ?”…

Just then, he hears s desperate song from deep within his heart: “I must find the ocean.”

He starts on his journey in search of his ocean…guided by his song from the heart.

Along the journey, Salt Doll comes across a number of mysterious characters,…all of which might be the projection of his inner

contemplations, empty of their true essences.

The Salt Doll comes to doubt the very motive for his journey at one

point,…only to reconcile with the fact that nothing must stop him from

continuing with his journey.

All seem to vanish and abandon our Salt Doll, exhausted and desolate to

even take another step. He then retraces his steps and slowly begin to

see all that has come to pass from completely different point- of- view!

He has arrived at the ocean.

The Salt Doll comprehends that what he has experienced was infact,

him coming face-to-face with his “selves” Actin many different

guises ….his many alter egos…. his true self!

He wonders if, infact, all has been a simple dream….The answer to the question had been lying there,…deep within his heart,… all along….

I have reached you, therefore, I have reached me

Act1. Birth (beginning of the journey)

Act2. Water (adaptation, stream of un consciousness)

Act3. Oak Tree (fixed–idea, comfort)

Act4. Number (calculation, clear regulation)

Act5. Little girl ( joy, happiness in daily life)

Act6. Dark Clouds (self-­‐righteousness, authority)

Act7. Ice (wound, severance, loneliness)

Act8. Ocean (self) A new beginning


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